Material Marvels – Designing for subculture

Dr Martens boots were a symbol of British craftsmanship and culture for decades, and the brand has successfully allied with multiple diverse groups over the years. How have these boots stood the test of time and what remains of the British manufacturing? Ceri Jones takes a look.

5G improves mining, manufacturing opportunities

The internet’s next generation is arriving globally, with promises of low latency that can deliver real-time speed, enabling autonomy.

O-ring failure

Seals often fail because the material chosen wasn’t right for the object’s application. Find out how you can test a seal.

Vacuum, anti-satellite technology help make metal powders

Advances in technology are helping create consistently-sized metal powders.

SINTEC building embraces circularity

A Swansea University associate professor discusses the modern challenges in researching materials while adhering to strict operational guidelines.