Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining

Women who worked in the materials and mining professions during the last century were pioneers in their time, entering what was very much a man’s world, and many of them made significant contributions and became prominent in their field

The cover story

Materials World has evolved alongside IOM3 and here, designers Lara Collins and Joe Rampley present a snapshot of some of the redesigns since the first issue in 1993.

Patent of the month – Potash pit to coated pip

Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam at The IP Asset Partnership Ltd discusses a patent relating to polyhalite as a seed coating.

100 years of UK oil

Britain’s first oilfield started production in 1919. CNOOC International Limited Production Engineering Advisor, Craig Durham, looks at the project that laid down the law for oil production.

Mining inventors and innovations

Scientists and engineers have made major contributions to mining, from tools to drive efficiency to regulations and practices to prevent repeated disasters. The IOM3 Mining Technology Division lays out some of the critical contributions to the safety and economics of the mining industry.