Bill Jackson was a pioneer within IOM3 for the digital representation and presentation of materials information

Obituary - Dr Eric Hassall CBE CEng FIMMM FFRICS FGS

Eric Hassall had a long career in the mining industry, being the youngest ever Area Chief Surveyor and eventually becoming a senior partner of Wardell Amstrong. He was also active in promoting greater understanding of science and engineering in society

Obituary - Mark Thomson-Tur CEng MIMMM

Mark Tur was an expert in the implementation of antimicrobial copper technology and a fervent supporter of education and professional development initiatives


Ken Mills was one of the National Physical Laboratory’s most notable luminaries and his work was acknowledged as groundbreaking by steel industries around the world

Dealing with plastic waste

The amount of single-use plastic material littering the countryside, rivers, and oceans has stirred plenty of emotion in recent months. But, what can be done to change this? Stuart Patrick* investigates.