Q&A – Sean Wilkins

Sean Wilkins, recently appointed Technical Manager at the Brick Development Association (BDA), talks to Gary Peters about his introduction into the sector and the differences between residential, commercial and civil developments.

Q&A – Alison Cooke

Gary Peters talks to Alison Cooke about her latest clay project in Cornwall, plans for the Thames Tideway Tunnel and why the sector needs to embrace experimentation.

Fancy façade

Cartwright Gardens is located in the middle of central London, surrounded by a Georgian garden square. Opposite sits a newly built student hall featuring a 4,500m 2 brick façade that was delivered using off-site construction. Ines Nastali reports.

The breakdown

At ClayTech UK 2017, speakers looked at the challenges and opportunities ahead for the clay and brick industries. Ines Nastali attended the event and learnt, with Brexit bringing change, UK-wide initiatives are needed and being welcomed.


Les Erasmus was a recognised national and international authority on the role of nitrogen, microalloying and dual phase effects in structural and specialty steels