Linking philosophy and low carbon materials

There are many activities involved in low carbon materials, underpinned by an urgency to change human activities to prevent climate change. Alastair Marsh explains why philosophy will be a useful part of the discussion.

Six mistakes to avoid when tempering glass

Sami Kelin, Product Manager at Glaston, Finland, explains some common mistakes made in the tempering of glass.

Hellyer Gold and beyond

Gary Peters speaks to Brian Stockbridge, Non-Exec Chairman at NQ Minerals, about his varied career and transition into the mining sector, as well as the company’s plans for the Hellyer Gold project.

Nicaragua’s progress

Michael Schwartz examines how and why Nicaragua has become a mining success story.

Celebrating Alexander Parkes

Parkesine is just one of the many inventions associated with Alexander Parkes (1813–1890), but he was a metallurgist first and foremost. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen looks back at the legacy of a polymath.