Q&A – Keith Aldis

Ahead of ClayTech UK 2017, Keith Aldis talks to Gary Peters about how an umbrella association can benefit policy making and the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Best of brick

Kathryn Allen looks at the mysteries of engineering behind the dome of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy.

Q&A – Hamish Herford

Hamish Herford, Director at Hamish & Lyons Architects, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about his project, the Stepping Stone House, Hurley, which has been shortlisted for the Architecture Awards of the royal Institute of British Architects.

ClayTech UK 2017

ClayTech UK 2017 – A time of opportunities and challenges

Pretty in brick

Brick served as a connector between past and future of Leeds’ Victoria Gate Arcade refurbishment, as Ines Nastali reports.