Engineering Alloys: Challenges for the Future a Lecture by Prof. Barbara Shollock

Engineering Alloys: Challenges for the Future - was a lecture held on the 3rd November 2015 at Cardiff University and was presented by Prof. Barbara Shollock as part of the N&DMS annual lecture programme.

Q&A with Professor Ton Peijs

Ahead of the IOM3 Cosponsored Industrial Nanocomposites Conference hear from Keynote Speaker, Prof Ton Peijs, on his thoughts on the nanocomposites industry.

Who invented the mining safety lamp, Davy or Stephenson?

Frank James recounts the tale behind the invention of the mining safety lamp

Mining in Cambodia

Michael Schwartz takes a look at mining in Cambodia – a fast-growing sector popular with companies

Building the future with timber

Sustainable timber design has economic, environmental and social benefits, as Peter Wilson explains.