Obituary - Roger Moore AIMMM

Roger Talbot Moore AIMMM, 26 July 1937 - 30 June 2014


The influence a mentor can have on your career is hugely beneficial. A mentor will not have all the answers, but will tend to be someone who you trust to share ideas and raise questions with, who can help guide the way and give advice. (From Materials World July 2014, re-published for National Mentoring Day 2016)

Exbury Egg

The wooden floating home sitting on Hampshire’s Beaulieu River
containers on a ship

Sea freight packaging

Corrugated board packaging for sea shipped goods is improving, with energy efficiency in mind

Additive manufacturing repairs oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is finding repair solutions in 3D printing. Rachel Lawler talks to Dr Paul Goodwin about the latest offshore drilling R&D