Rich rewards - uranium mining

Uranium mining brings with it a host of issues as well as benefits. Nevertheless, demand is on the rise for the foreseeable future, says Mark Kenwright, Associate Director of Geology and Resources at Wardell Armstrong International.

Crushing victories - comminution

How can mining companies reduce their energy costs and increase output? One way is through the much-disputed route of eco-efficient comminution.
Protected gas turbine blades

Blade runner: improving gas turbine coatings

Materials World explores the changing nature of gas turbine operating regimes and the impact this has on materials selection, in particular the ceramic thermal barrier coatings applied to turbine blades.
Concrete Canvas being used for slope protection in Spain

Concrete creations

Phill Greer of Concrete Canvas Ltd and Tom de Saulles of the Minerals Products Association, both UK, talk about exciting innovations in one of the most ancient building materials.

Phenolic insulation

Marion Ingle and Simon Clarke, from materials consultancy firm Sandberg LLP, UK, examine some causes of reduced performance of phenolic foam in construction insulation applications, and explain how these can be prevented and resolved.