Pipeline pitfalls part 2, joining methods: Electrofusion

Dr Chris O’Connor, Business Manager – Utilities, at GL Noble Denton, looks at electrofusion and pipe preparation in the second of a two-part series examining polyethylene pipeline systems.

Smooth operator - Coating reduces energy loss from engine friction

Alongside automotive manufacturers’ efforts to boost performance and improve fuel efficiency, suppliers from all sides of the industry are pushing to further optimise their part of the puzzle. Swiss coatings specialist Oerlikon Balzers, explains how its new coating reduces energy loss.

A test of strength - Thermal analysis of composites shows curing behaviour

Application specialists from international analysing and testing company Netzsch explain how thermal analysis of high-tech composite materials is helping to meet the needs of the automotive industry

Growing for gold - Natural fibres aid sporting success

Interest in natural fibre composites is increasing. Dr Brendon Weager, Managing Director of Composites Evolution, UK, examines the use of flax in composite sporting goods.