Waiting for a train - UK rail infrastructure improvements

Rachel Lawler looks at upgrades taking place on railways across the UK

Playing it cool - liquid helium-free technologies

The science behind liquid helium-free cooling technologies and the potential benefits offered

We built this (Olympic) city - materials and building design

Rhiannon Garth Jones finds out about some of the buildings behind the success of London 2012

Material matters - Fuel for thought

My own energy supplier, SSE, has just announced an 8.2% price rise, similar to the others and also on the back of record profits for the year ending March 2013. But let’s look beyond the headlines and a bit more closely at SSE’s accounts.
Tin cans of food

Food safety in packaging: a retail perspective

Mark Caul, Technical Manager of Packaging at Tesco, UK, considers food managing risks and the associated legislation.