Covered up - external timber cladding regulations

Peter Wilson, of the Wood Studio, considers the forthcoming BSI regulations for external timber cladding

Footing the COST - framework for timber R&D

Professor Richard Harris, from the University of Bath, talks to Wood Focus about the funding programme supporting R&D in the timber industry

A bridge too far? - covered bridge hidden capacity for live load

Routine analytical evaluations of historic covered bridges indicate they should have fallen down long ago, yet they support vehicles with no apparent distress. Drawing on his 40 years’ experience working with timber buildings and bridges, Phillip Pierce investigates.

All in the hands - Demand for handmade bricks with Michelmersh Brick Holdings

As demand for handmade bricks surges, Frank Hanna and Greg Crownshaw from Michelmersh tell Melanie Rutherford how they’re keeping up

A tale of three tileworks - artisan clay manufacturers

Mike Driver looks at three artisan clay manufacturers bucking the economic downturn