The knowledge bank - free guidelines aid health and safety

The oil and gas industry has a long history of publishing guidelines and codes of practice to improve safety and environmental performance.

Balancing act - keeping packaging competitive

Packaging companies face many challenges in production. Nick Neil-Boss, Director in Operational Transaction Services Practice at Ernst & Young, explains how to manage competing pressures from consumers and the supply chain

Q&A - rebranding confectionery packaging

Co-founder and Director of graphic design agency Solid Block Design Mark Salisbury answers questions about the design challenges posed by rebranding packaging for confectionery

Materials through the ages: Materials for aeroplane engines

Maria Felice considers the technology that propels millions of people to their holiday destinations each year – aeroplane engines.
5.5m diameter Robbins Main Beam TBM began excavating the Blitz mine development tunnel at Stillwater Mine in Montana, USA, Autumn 2012

A not-so boring solution - tunnel boring machines

The use of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) in mining is growing. Michael Forrest talks to Lok Home, President of TBM manufacturer The Robbins Company, USA, to find out why.