Q&A - Charles Marsden, Dynamic Ceramic

Dr Charles Marsden, Technical Director at Dynamic-Ceramic, UK, talks to Materials World about ceramic materials.

A meeting of materials - biomorphic ceramics

Researchers around the world are developing ceramics inspired by biomaterials.

Bullet proof - ceramic body armour impact prediction

Proving that a material can withstand the force of a bullet is one thing. Predicting it's response can is quite another. A collaborative research project is helping to increase understanding of ceramic materials for armour.

If you build it, they will come... - underground vision

Politicians and economists can be a contrary bunch, but one thing they tend to agree on is that capital investment in transport and infrastructure is one of the most effective ways to kick start an ai

Closing the skills gap - materials graduates face career choices

Rachel Lawler looks at the range of options open to declining numbers of materials science graduates