Women in Engineering - A tale of two careers

Meet two of the Institute’s female members and find out more about their careers. Part of this issue's special section on Women in Engineering

Material of the month - Polytetrafluoroethylene

Maria Felice looks at the properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly referred to as PTFE or the trade name Teflon

Nickel - King of the north

The nickel market is a lucrative one, often perceived as the domain of world-leading companies. Michael Forrest investigates how smaller firms can achieve success in the market

Bridge the gap - Cameroon iron ore challenges

Michael Forrest looks at how the Cameroon government plans to overcome infrastructure challenges posed by an emerging iron-ore market

Dealing with the deficit - women in engineering

Almost half co-ed maintained schools in the UK do not send even one girl to study A-Level physics. And yet women have successful careers in the sector. What can be done to redress the balance? Louise Kittle spoke to women working in materials science and engineering about the issues facing the industry.