Sistine chapel

Materials through the ages: Brush strokes - paint

Maria Felice examines how the materials used for painting have changed over the millennia

Spotlight: Energy efficiency and heat treatment

As interest in nanotechnology continues to grow, Rachel Lawler looks at some of the equipment making developments possible.

Targeting gold from Afar - Stratex International investigate the African Rift Valley

Could the African Rift Valley be the new Patagonia for gold deposits? David Hall of Stratex International plc reports.

Q&A with Dr Roland Brandenburg - funding network for materials science

Dr Roland Brandenburg, Project Coordinator of M-era.Net, talks to Melanie Rutherford about the funding network’s recent joint call for transnational projects in materials science and engineering, and how companies can apply.

Invisible conductors - coating to reduce costs of PV cells

A new high-technology coating has the potential to significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of new-generation solar photovoltaic cells and other optoelectronic devices.