Special section: Big and small: Bringing marine energy to market

Bristol is arguably the spiritual home of marine energy. Tim Probert visits two companies at differing stages of development.

A salt solution - Molten salts for metallurgy

Dr Carsten Schwandt reviews R&D work in the field of molten salts in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Closing the materials skills gap

Skill levels are dwindling and master manufacturers are ageing. A scheme at Swansea University is trying to change this.

Sound it out - Ultrasonic fault detection

Ultrasonic technology is increasingly being used to detect flaws in materials and structures in industries including oil and gas, defence and transport.

Spinning gold - GB cyclists use unique laser timing technology

Helping Great Britain’s Olympic track cyclists to gold medal glory was BAE Systems, which adapted its military expertise to engineer a unique laser timing technology.