Cemented in - challenges facing cementmakers

Michael Forrest talks to Dwight Demorais and Dr Richard Leese of MPA Cement about the challenges facing the industry.

Follow the yellow brick road - Looking at independent brickmakers

Mike Driver unearths a wartime directory to examine the different paths taken by three of the UK’s leading independent brickmakers.

The Red Mason - Gauged brickwork expert Dr Gerard Lynch

Dr Gerard Lynch has played a major role in reviving the craft of ‘cut and rub’ and gauged brickwork. Eoin Redahan traces his career, from wide-eyed apprentice to industry authority.
prosthetic legs

Materials through the ages: Supporting act - the development of prosthetic limbs

While prostheses have been transforming the lives of amputees for generations, only recently have advances in materials science offered disabled athletes Olympic status. Maria Felice looks at the evolution of artificial limbs.

Back to the future - exploiting lithium

False promise of revolutionary changes in technology has led lithium resource development to a dead end. Gerry Clarke examines the efforts of companies worldwide to supply the predicted surge in demand.