Doxorubicin-loaded DC Bead

Beading cancer - localised tumour treatment

Use of polymer beads to enable localised treatment of tumours is proving beneficial to patients and physicians alike, says Andy Lewis, Director of Research and Development at Biocompatibles UK Ltd.

Filling the gaps - advanced composite benefits

Composites are replacing traditional metals and plastics in many fields. Dr Andrew Curtis, Dr Will Palin and Dr Adrian Shortall examine how these materials offer improved characteristics through nanochemistry advances and modern testing.

Driving down costs - reducing the price of transport

Companies worldwide are being forced to reduce transport costs while maintaining the highest levels of service. Transport management company 3t Logistics has helped LINPAC Packaging to achieve just that.
Dan Abramowicz

Set for success - why Crown Holdings' closures are winning awards

Crown Holdings’ Dan Abramowicz, Executive Vice President of Technology and Regulatory Affairs talks about awards and closures.

Buried treasure - rare earths deposit in Canada

The new discovery of a rare earths deposit in Canada has the potential to revolutionise this restricted market. Could these elements prove not so rare after all? Michael Forrest examines the evidence.