Biopolymer bottle in grass

Greener and stronger - new biopolymer, "Floreon", developed

A biopolymer blend has been developed that provides improved mechanical and processing properties over PET. The material can be used in widespread applications, but is primarily aimed at the packaging industry. Professor Alma Hodzic from the University of Sheffield reports.
Coca Cola PlantBottle

New generation is growing up fast - Coca-Cola's PlantBottle

Coca-Cola’s 100% bio-based bottle could soon be a commercial reality. But, as Paul Gander finds out, the different technologies being pursued face significant challenges.
a tree

Got a glue? Replacing phenol with bark

Can bark be used as an eco-friendly replacement for phenol in wood composite adhesives? Ning Yan explains the results of a recent study.
Alan Moffat's house

House proud - a sustainable home in the Rocky Mountains

More than 2,500 metres up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, sits an environmentally friendly building designed to create a truly sustainable home, characterised by its ability to give back to the environment and look good. Its owner, Alan Moffat, reports.

Peter Latham OBE FIWSc (Profile)

Peter Latham was awarded an OBE in the 2012 New Year Honours