Steve Godfrey

Education, education, education - Steve Godfrey interview

Steve Godfrey, Operations Manager for Hanson Building Products, talks to Clay Technology about promoting training and generating interest in the clay industry.

Laying foundations - clay technology qualifications

The path to top-level management roles is not always clear in the heavy clay industry. Peter Revill, Workforce Development Fellow at the University of Derby, explores a new course purpose-built for the sector.

Coming up - research and development in 2012

What does 2012 hold for R&D in the materials science arena? People from across the industry give their views.
artificial coral reef made out of concrete

Coral relief - concrete reefs

As concrete domes make coral homes, we look at the science behind artificial reefs.
Jack Henderson

Q&A - Dr Jack Henderson

An interview with Dr Jack Henderson, who manages high-temperature applications support in North America for Netzsch. His primary research interests are heat transfer, thermodynamics, instrumentation, thermophysical properties and nuclear fuel.