biodegradable plastic bag

Is oxo-biodegradable the plastic of the future?

Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc, defends the much maligned oxo-biodegradable plastic as an effective solution to packaging waste in the environment.
Local labour preparing exploration trench

Sustainable exploration - mining in unknown territory

The considerations for mining companies when starting work in relatively unfamiliar countries.
woman using electronic device of which tungsten is a component

Tungsten mining in Devon

Exciting developments are afoot in tungsten mining just a few miles from one of Britain’s most popular tourist towns.

Peaceful partnerships - air vehicle technical review

New initiatives and collaborations in manufacturing are fortifying the UK defence industry. Dan Jones, Dan Kells and Chris Peel from the Aerospace, Aviation and Defence Knowledge Transfer Network (AAD KTN) outline the main functions and benefits of the latest air vehicle technical review.