yoghurt cartons on production line

Robotic control

The introduction of robotics is key to lowering production costs and increasing efficiency, yet the UK has been slow on the uptake. Keith Thornhill from Siemens outlines how centralised control is the next stage in packaging development.
Clamping drive on the Speedformer KMD

Thermoforming warms to its green credibility

As a technology, thermoforming now has a surprisingly green story to tell. As Paul Gander reports, this is about energy efficiency as well as weight reduction.

About IMMa and IOM3

Martin Cox, Chairman of IMMa, published an article in the Global Business Magazine promoting the work undertaken by IMMa in support of the resource divisions and the broader IOM3

Dr David Nuttall CEng FIMMM FICorr (Profile)

Dr David Nuttall is a corrosion and metallurgical consultant

Dr David Field CEng FIMMM (Profile)

David Field owns Advanced Materials Solutions Ltd, a commercial and technical consultancy covering materials and the physical sciences. He attends North Staffordshire International Clay Technology Association meetings and helps IOM3 with the peer review process and academic assessments.