Structural material of the 21st Century: timber vs concrete

Peter Wilson, Director of the Wood Studio at Edinburgh Napier University’s Forest Products Research Institute begins a series of articles exclusively for Wood Focus.

Take a seat - Royal college of Art students' chair design

Twelve design students aim to create a chair, stool, bench or anything else that can be sat upon using American hardwoods and veneers

And the winner is... The UK Brick Awards 2012

The UK Brick Awards 2012 had a record year in many ways. Melanie Rutherford went along to catch up with the winners.

Fuelling the future - Reducing energy use in ceramic building materials

Frank Appel, Managing Director of Hans Lingl, Germany, describes diifferent approaches and options to reduce the energy consumption in the production of ceramic building materials.

International impact: how Institute membership will take you far

Like most young people, I joined the then Institute of Materials because I thought it would be good to be a member of a professional organisation, and that it might be of benefit to my career. Little did I know when I joined just over 10 years ago of the doors that would open to me and the opportunities that would arise as a result of membership.