Sensodyne packaging

Added value - packaging design

Company branding and advances in technology are among the main influences on packaging design. Chris Hart, Creative Director at Blue Marlin in Bath, UK, has been part of the redesign team for Sensodyne toothpaste, as well as major Bulgarian alcoholic beverage Yambolska. He talks to Martin Parley about the considerations involved.
Bericap closure with oxygen scavenger

Barriers to acceptance - active and intelligent packaging

Despite some high-profile examples in retail, active and intelligent packaging has never really broken into the European mainstream. Technology and packaging writer Paul Gander asks why this is, and how one major initiative is hoping to change that.

Icons of industry

What does it take to become an icon, and why are there few, if any, famous engineers who could truly be labelled as such?

Copper country - metal extraction techniques

Michael Forrest talks to Stephen Twyerould, CEO of Excelsior Mining Corp about metal extraction techniques.
Automatic pressure filter

Filtered out - minerals processing

Global trends influencing the minerals industry include processing of lower grade and more complex ores, productivity, environmental responsibility, and energy and water conservation. All these add to costs at a time when companies are looking to maximise efficiency.