3rd party robot

Packing up the house - packaging systems in the construction industry

Adrian Meacham, Managing Director of Lingl UK, equipment provider for the field of ceramics, based in Congleton, outlines the factors that affect the choice of pack designs and packaging systems used in the construction industry.
small truck loading packaging boxes onto lorry

Less waste, more profit - packaging transport

Transport costs have escalated for packaging companies. Tim Fawkes, Business Development Director for transport management company 3t Logistics, shows how businesses can make logistics more cost-effective.
Andrew Lawton

Modern master - profile of Andrew Lawton

Andrew Lawton combines new and traditional wood materials to form unique and simple bespoke furnishings.
treated and untreated wood

Preservative treatment - the wood treatment process

David Jones and Michael Barnes of Mississippi State University, USA, explain the wood treatment process and safe handling and disposal of treated wood.

Engineered coatings for composites and polymers used in defence and aerospace: now and future

The use of composites in aerospace and defence applications is increasing at a fast rate. The use of these new materials is presenting major challenges to the surface coatings industries,...