Under scrutiny - challenges for Alberta oil sands mines

Simon Walker, Principal of I.E.T.S Ltd, in Charlbury, UK, explores the current challenges for oil sands mines in Alberta, Canada.
"Question mark" image courtesy of Chris Baker

A lasting solution? Nuclear safety Q&A with Christophe Poinssot

Professor Christophe Poinssot from the French Atomic Energy Commission gives his view on the controversial area of whether energy generation should come from sources other than nuclear, in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.
Plasma facing tiles in a fusion containment

The nuclear debate - surface and particulate engineering in nuclear power generation

The opportunities for surface and particulate engineering in nuclear power generation were debated at a recent town meeting.
Hot Isostatic Press for ceramic waste form fabrication

Immobilising plutonium

Materials scientists face the challenge of devising a passive waste form for long-term immobilisation and disposal of the UK’s surplus separated plutonium. Daniel Reid and Neil Hyatt from the University of Sheffield, UK, outline the possibilities.
Neutron collisions create and/or move basal dislocations in graphite

Life expectancy - graphite behaviour in nuclear reactors

A joint research project between six UK universities is assessing the durability of materials for long-term nuclear power generation. Dr Aidan Westwood and Dr Andrew Scott from Leeds University, UK, highlight studies underway to investigate the long-term behaviour of graphite used in nuclear reactors.