Starpack Champion 2010 - Event Can (Full Aperture SuperEnd®)

Going global - Starpack packaging awards 2011

This year’s Starpack awards for innovation in packaging will build on previous success and on an outstanding range of entries that were judged earlier in the year for the Student and Schools’ Starpack Awards.
Tetra Pak aseptic milk carton

Aseptic advances - the Tetra Evero milk carton bottle

The world’s first aseptic carton bottle for milk has been launched by Tetra Pak.
DQ Vodka bottle

Tangible luxury - premium vodka bottle packaging

How Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) helped a start-up drinks company, Nordic Spirit, in Stockholm, Sweden, created a bottle for the launch of a new ‘super premium’ vodka.
Gillette razor

Dazzling protection - new holographic materials for packaging

Dr Glenn Wood of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association looks at some of the latest developments in holographic materials, including one with eye-catching appeal and another putting the seal on effective anti-counterfeiting.

Gordon A Gross FIMMM (Obit)

Gordon Gross FIMMM joined the Geological Survey of Canada in 1956, and started his life work on the study of iron formations of Canada and the world.