Sue Panteny CSci FIMMM (Obit)

Sue Panteny ran her own consultancy for materials in transport applications. She was active within the Institute's Midlands Plastics and Rubber Group.
Modern houses in the BRE Innovation Park

Building in sustainability

The use of sustainable materials in construction can contribute to significant improvements in subsequent energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Dr Deborah Pullen, Director of Knowledge Exploitation at the Building Research Establishment, Watford, UK, outlines the possibilities of new materials and their implementation.
House made from bags of earth layered like bricks, Crestone, Colorado, USA

Home truths - eco-housing across the world

Eco-housing has accelerated into an innovative practice. Dr Jenny Pickerill, Senior Geography Lecturer at the University of Leicester, UK, discusses her findings across the globe.
Optomechanical composite sample showing optical transparency

Glass matrix composites for transparent security measures

Transparent glass matrix composites for use in high resistance structures and security windows are being explored by a team at Imperial College London.