A broken timber board showing wild grain

Board to death - health and safety for timber scaffolding boards

An important use of timber is in scaffolding boards for construction workers. Jim Coulson, Director of Technology For Timber Ltd, in Ripon, UK, highlights the grading problems compromising health and safety.
Lumberjills loading a truck

Forest of females - women foresters in World War Two

The role of women in the Second World War has only recently been fully recognised, but their contributions extend to many areas. Barry Matthews outlines the activities of the women who went into the forest when duty called.
St Lukes School, Architype Ltd, Wolverhampton, UK

Schooled in timber - using wood for the construction of schools

What benefits can be gained by using wood for the construction of schools and what are the key issues to consider? Gary Price investigates

Tom Moffat MBE CEng HonFIMMM (Profile)

Tom Moffat is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute who was born into a mining family, and after starting his career as a colliery electrician, went on to teaching and was also a champion of small businesses.

Dr Lionel Parks CChem FIMMM (Profile)

Starting his career in 1957 sampling and analysing ores and minerals, Lionel Parks went on to work on asbestos and thermal insulation materials. He eventually became MD of a company developing fire protection materials which are now used worldwide.