A person on a mobile phone

Why use social networking?

Social networking sites can boost your packaging know-how and aid company promotion, but it helps to understand the platforms first. This article attempts to navigate the cluttered waters of social networks.
Pill packaging

Staying on track - Anti-counterfeiting

Considering the benefits of an anti-counterfeiting system in protecting pharmaceutical packs.
Low volume packaging design, hand packed with individual components. An external band and ribbon holds the pack together and adds security

Pill popping – design for the healthcare industry

This article provides food for thought wehn designing packaging for the healthcare industry.

IOM3 website editing for microsite editors - basics / quick start guide

Helpful pointers to get microsite editors started on editing the IOM3 website.

Good as gold - Commodity Day 2009

Michael Forrest reviews the IOM 3 2009 Commodity Day, held on 24 November in London, UK, which focused on gold.