Tony Gregory FInstPkg (Obit)

After an enthusiastic career in packaging development, Tony Gregory sadly passed away after a short illness at the end of July 2009, aged 74.

Packaging personnel

In a recession recruiters can be swamped by job applications. This article offers tips for companies seeking the ideal employee.
Factory worker

Ticking boxes – cost saving packaging

M-real Consumer Packaging in Finland has helped frozen food company Birds Eye achieve significant savings in packaging weight across its product range, following completion of a project initiated in partnership with the UK’s WRAP.
The bag-in-a box format, where the bag collapses as the liquid is dispensed, prevents air getting into the product to help maintain quality

Bag-in-box packaging

Bag-in-box packaging is finding new applications in beer and water packs. Water companies are attracted by convenience, product protection and taint-free packs. Beer makers are influenced by lower transport costs, a longer shelf life and longer-lasting foam on the beer.

Surface issues for power - surface engineering for power plant

During 2007, the UK’s Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) carried out technology roadmapping analysis to identify opportunities for particulate materials/products to make a significant contribution to satisfying the future performance needs of power generation plant. This article looks at the surface engineering challenges presented.