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Changing business - ways to survive the recession

How companies can get through 
the tough times and improve their business.

Building for the future - Hanson's Measham plant

Developments at Hanson's recently opened Measham plant in Leicestershire.

Powering Pakistan – coal for electricity

Pakistan is looking to coal to satisfy its population’s needs for energy, and fuel industry and developing infrastructure. An open pit coal mine is planned with a mine mouth power station.

Ready salted – salt mining

Salt mining at Winsford is mainly carried out by a continuous miner and all production is used for de-icing. The mine has some 220km of roadways and millions of cubic metres of mined-out rooms.

Wear in the oilsands

Metal matrix composite coatings can reduce erosion-corrosion damage in the oilsands industry, the performance of such coatings is being monitored by Leeds University and international partners.