Design and performance - environmental and performance benefits of secondary aggregate

Gareth Moores, Executive Chairman of lightweight aggregate manufacturer Lytag Ltd in York, UK, looks at the environmental and performance benefits of secondary aggregate.
3D printed model

Lie of the land - 3D printing technology for architectural models

Using 3D printing technology, a German architecture firm is creating precision colour models of new concepts, including the topography of a development site.
Source tag

Securing against theft - source tagging

Securing products against theft during manufacture helps retain the integrity of a brand’s packaging. Source tagging has a minimal effect on packaging and has been shown to aid retailers in the battle against theft.
Packaged fruit

Plastic action – tackling the domestic waste stream

A WRAP study into the costs of collecting and recycling household plastic packaging aims to help local authorities meet public demand for recycling. Different authorities are likely to retain varying solutions.
Label on Waitrose's apple juice

One size fits all – in-mould labelling

This article discusses mono production for large volume flexographic labelling.