Dry run – maximising the drying process

Changing the drying process set up can improve efficiency and thus cut costs.
Hanson Group apprentices

Be prepared – apprenticeships

Apprenticeships may hold the key to surviving the recession and preparing for the upturn in the economy. They can provide a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Past boiling point

Members of the R&D team at Special Metals Corporation in the USA describe the developments of INCONEL alloy 740, suitable for use in the high temperature environments of supercritical boilers for energy generation.

Building up strength

William Herbert and Sam Humphry-Baker, students at Oxford University, UK, consider the country’s strengths in new nuclear build.
Above ground at Stawell

Prospering in difficult times - Northgate Minerals Corporation

Michael Forrest reports on the progress of mid-tier gold and copper producer Northgate Minerals Corporation, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and its Kemess Mine.