Feathering the nest - recycled chicken feathers as low-cost housing material

Low-cost housing is spreading its wings. Professional Menandro Acda from the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, explores the use of recycled chicken feathers for building materials in tropical climates.
Tiled bathroom

Sustainable ceramics - tiles as the green option

The UK Tile Association is keen to remind customers that ceramics are high on the list of green options.
Liquified natural gas carrier Northwest Shearwater. Image courtesy of BP

Sustaining power - new gas supplies

UK gas prices have come down due to the substantial drop in oil prices and new supplies.
Kiln at Ketton Cement in Lincolnshire, UK

Burning up waste - energy for cement making

Cement manufacturers are turning to alternative fuels for their energy intensive process. Municiple waste may provide the answer.

Getting the green light — bio-composite racing car

A UK-based research consortium from the Universities of Ulster and Warwick is building an eco-friendly Formula 3 racing car. They are making use of bio-resins and bio-composites to make a lighter structure and reduce fuel use.