Brick is back

Even though the economy is in a recession, the brick industry should retain its core business — so says Katherina Lewis, Marketing Manager at the Brick Development Association.
Fixing Corium – this product could allow architects to design a 'clay facade'

Changing faces - brickmaker's offerings may need to change

Michael Driver, Director of the Brick Development Association, suggests that brickmakers will need to adapt to survive the challenges facing the brick industry.

Taking responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has grown in importance to the minerals industry. This article examines examples of CSR policies.

Barrels in the Wood

UK oilfields provided a lifeline to Briatain during WWII. This article described the Eakring oil operation and the Duke's Wood site in Nottinghamshire, which now houses an oil museum.

Bubble not bust

This article puts the global economic downturn into context and reminds investors that values fluctuate. It suggests that caution is always needed and that financial decisions should always be based on fact.