David Read argues that education is key to encouraging consumers to reuse ‘single-use’ carrier bag

Leading the way in flexible packaging and films

David Read is determined to secure a fair trading environment for flexible packaging in the face of regulatory burdens and rising environmental awareness. The Chairman of the Packaging and Films Association talks to Gary Price about providing a voice for industry.
Reprocessed polythene prior to remanufacturing

Pushing the eco-envelope

Those outside of the packaging industry may not be aware that polythene reduces environmental damage while providing the same high levels of protection as other packaging media. Its light weight and flexibility offer an alternative to heavier or bulkier forms of packaging which can lead to more waste by volume.

Nosing around

Odour testing is often conducted by expert sensory panels, which requires hours of training and a frequent availability of panelists. Therefore, electronic nose (e-nose) analysers are extensively used within the packaging industry for their rapidity and availability. The e-nose can be applied to a range of applications including product development, process monitoring and quality control.
Barley for biobased materials

Trendy ideas

Dr Gordon Robertson, adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, presents opinions and facts on sustainability and packaging materials.

The Rusal way

Climate change has presented businesses with significant challenges and opportunities. Ivan Rebrik, Head of the Health and Safety Executive Department at UC RUSAL, discusses the Russian aluminium producer’s strategy.