A water soluble sachet containing a unit dose of product.

Playing the packaging game - pressures on packaging

Pressures on spending mean that consumers will focus on value for money. Brands are going to have to adapt to changing economic, market and environmental factors. David Edwards, Managing Director of packaging solutions company Edwards Innovations Ltd, Stevenage, UK, presents some options.
Pictionary special edition box

More than just a label - holograms

Manufacturers have an endless battle against counterfeiters. Fake toys, games and sportswear cost revenue and sales, as well as damaging a company’s public image. Ian Lancaster, General Secretary of the International Hologram Manufacturers’ Association, Shepperton, UK, reports

Generation game - do young professionals expect too much?

Are new professionals expecting too much from their jobs and are employers limiting themselves by selecting young workers? Danni Novick, Managing Director of Mercury Search and Selection, considers the situation.
Fish 'no label' look

Sticking with toys — Labels

Toy labelling is one of the most demanding of all packaging industry segments. Quality labels increase appeal and give toys an extra dimension. Toy labels contribute to high play value for children with decorations such as stars, crowns and hearts. Susanne Wærholm, Branding and Communications Manager of self adhesive label manufacturer Skanem AS, in Stavanger, Norway, explains why it is crucial to select the correct materials.

Investigation of the epoxy-metal-interphase by micro-extensometry

The polymer interphase in adhesively bonded metal joints plays an important role concerning the mechanical behaviour and durability under service conditions. Recent investigations have been able to identify a polymer interphase region adjacent to the metal surface with a thickness of up to 100μm where cross linking density and glass transition temperatures differ significantly from those of the bulk polymer due to the long-range influence of the adhesive interactions in the contact zone to the metal surface. In a joint research project the mechanical behaviour of the interphase region has been investigated by microextensometry using scanning electron microscopy as an imaging device and computational image analysis.