The steel success story

In the commercial world, sustainable performance is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for doing business. While it is widely accepted that today’s packaging must make a positive contribution to sustainability, it does not always follow that a new solution is needed for new priorities. Steel cans may be over 100 years old, but there are few materials that can challenge its sustainability credentials.

Lasting the course – talking sustainability

Terry Robins, Packaging Technologist from Robins Packaging Consultants, offers his opinion on sustainability.

Palm tree packs – compostable packaging from palm fibre

Earthcycle Packaging, based in Vancouver, Canada, was created to steer the packaging industry towards natural, renewable materials. The company has just brought a natural, fully compostable pack, which is made from remnants of palm fibre, to the market.

New horizons – steel processing

In every year of the millennium so far, more steelplant has been commissioned than was put to work in the whole of the previous decade. The design and manufacturing techniques for steelplant engineering that were previously neglected are now being realised, leading to reenergised blast furnaces, slab casters, rolling mills and mechanical shearing.

A passion for stainless steels – the Outokumpu Foundations

The Outokumpu Stainless Research Foundations in Sweden and the UK have been working to generate new knowledge and provide opportunities for young people to carry out academic work on this class of materials. Since 1989, support has been provided to 62 students, with over half gaining doctorates. The support ranges from fully-funded studentships to supplementary grants and assistance in kind.