Sparkling touchdown — coatings for landing gear

Diamond-like carbon coatings on aircraft can offer environmental and health benefits. Medical and electronic applications, including surgical implants and hard-disk heads, benefit from this versatile material, which has recently been used on razor blades and for high-performance manufacturing applications.

Bearing up — Recruitment at SKF

Successful companies need to build on their accomplishments and come up with the next generation of products. Katherine Williams spoke to Alan Begg of Swedish bearing company SKF Group about his experience as a materials scientist and recruiter.

Bottom up materials from down under — New Zealand biomaterial research

New Zealand has maximised its advantage of being small but well connected, in the field of biopolymers and biocomposites. Scientists are testing the potential of electrospun proteins and polysaccharides as industrial raw materials. These spun materials have exceptional mechanical properties and high specific surface areas that can be exploited to make low-pressure-drop selective active filtration elements.

Strong foundations — how Train to Gain is helping employers

Train to Gain offers employers assistance with employee education and training.

Floor plans — Training for concrete floor fitters

Hanson intends to run in-house training for precast concrete fitters. This will be supported by Proskills through Train to Gain.