Plastic progress - new processing techniques for cosmetics packaging

New processing techniques are resulting in novel plastics for cosmetics packaging. Gérald Martines, General Manager of RPC beauté, reports.

Off Irish shores - the recent oil licencing round in Atlantic Ireland

The Atlantic Basins of Ireland are an under-explored frontier petroleum province with proven working hydrocarbon systems. A new evaluation of the area focuses on a major revision of the tectonic and deposition systems evolution.

Driving sustainability — materials selection

Growing environmental awareness and the desire to meet consumer needs without compromising future generations adds new challenges to the design, development and production of vehicles. Separation and recyclability of materials are paramount as is weight reduction.
Plasma nitrided synchronisation with sheet metal formed synchronisers and carbon friction linings

Advanced automotive solutions — Thermal spray coatings for automotive

Thermal spray coating technologies are widely used in the automotive industry. Transmission and engine parts are coated in large volumes using thermal spray processes, including plasma, high velocity oxygen fuel, combustion and electric arc.

Preventing illegal working

Recent legislation means that employers can be fined if they employ an illegal worker. Employers need to check visas and registration requirements.