Packaging make up — plastics choices for cosmetics

Beauty products can help the environment by making use of more sustainable materials. Greener plastics such as PLA, PET and PE are making an impact on cosmetics packaging.

Looking good — cosmetic pack tends for 2008

In a fast moving world, ease-of-use is important to consumers, with packaging playing a crucial role. This article describes some of the latest cosmetics designs for 2008.

Knock on wood - issues facing the wooden pallet industry

John Dye, President of the UK's Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation, describes the challenges facing the wooden packaging industry, including competition for wood resources from biomass, the ISPM 15 pest-control regulations, and the growing popularity of plastic and cardboard pallets.

Ignore eco-issues at your peril — Starpack summit

Addressing environmental issues associated with packaging, The Starpack Summit will be held on 22 May at 1 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK. This item summarises the programme.

A cornucopia of new packs — product development

A look at recent packaging ideas.