Premier Awards Dinner for Institute’s 2007 Medals and Prizes

This year’s Premier Awards Dinner for recipients of the Institute’s 2007 Medals and Prizes was held in early July at the Institute’s London headquarters. Despite the overcast and chilly evening,...

Duty of care — Managing risk

Mining has always been associated with risk, and as the search for metals and minerals expands, companies are operating in increasingly dangerous and remote locations. These higher hazard levels coincide with a shortage of experienced and well-trained human resources specialists, and greater focus on an employer’s duty of care. This responsibility can be divided into a moral obligation to protect employees and a legal obligation to protect the company.

Top gear - the UK automotive industry

The UK automotive industry is enjoying a revival similar to that of its heyday of the mid 1960s to 1970s. There are, however, new materials challenges to be faced in future.

Paint scheme — A new process for automotive paint shops

A new in-mould painting process, called ‘IN-SPIRE’, it coats injection mouldings with a thermoset paint during production. The process is likely to find application in many sectors, with the automotive industry a major beneficiary.

Nuclear Iran – The controversial issue of Iran gaining nuclear power

A few months ago the Deputy Editor of an Iranian newspaper rang me to ask if, as Vice-Chair of British Pugwash, I agreed that, Iran, as a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, had every right to construct nuclear power stations and related facilities for peaceful purposes.