Unweaving a rainbow – Transparent materials and refractive indices

It is axiomatic that nothing can move faster than light, but it is worth remembering that this is only true for propagations in vacuo. In all natural transparent materials the...

The colour of money - changing the pigment used in clay bricks

In 2005 the price of zinc oxide, long used in the production of yellow surface colour pigments for clay bricks, became a concern for pigment manufacturers. The consequences of using less zinc oxide for both bricks and brick-makers are discussed.

Chinese burn - Reviewing the Chinese coal industry

China's coal industry has risen to the challenge of powering what is predicted to become the world’s largest economy. The sector's unique structure sees conflict between large state-owned mines and a myriad of small mines operating on a local authority or private basis. It is also influenced by rising demand for coal in non-mining areas and the desire by the Government to cap electricity prices, reduce exports, focus coal to the domestic industries and keep prices under control.

Fuelling cost reductions - novel polymer could cut fuel cell costs

A new polymer could lead to cheaper fuel cells. ElectroPhen is a thermoset polymer, whose polymerisation generates nanostructures of conductive pathways. For bipolar plate applications, graphite is used as the filler.

Virtual mining leads the way - Computer modelling software

Michael Forrest reports on the use of computer modelling software by mining company St Barbara Ltd, in Melbourne, Australia. The company has used Gemcom’s Surpac geology and mine planning software at its Sons of Gwalia mine in Australia.