Nanomaterials in motion - Imaging materials at the micron scale and below

Techniques to image materials at the micron scale and below include scanning and transmission electron microscopes (SEM and TEM) and scanning probe microscopes (SPM). The dynamical behaviour of nano-objects is quite different from those of ‘bulk’ materials. The development of SPM probes for electron microscopes is enabling real-time testing of nanovolumes of material, and is providing the opportunity to make movies of nanomaterials in motion.
Past winner: This biodegradable pack transports sterile maggots used for wound management

Reach for the sky - Starpack 2008 preview

IOP: The Packaging Society has created a one-day event that encompasses the Starpack Summit, a high-level strategic packaging conference themed Packaging Dilemma – The Consumer Challenge’, the Starpack Industry Awards and Student and Schools Starpack Awards.