Copper resource - Copper commodity day

The most recent IOM3 Commodity Day focused on copper, covering the market’s price drivers and the long and short-term prospects for consumption and supply, environmental concerns, pryometallurgical extraction, acid leaching, smelting and exploration.

Big prospects - Nanotechnology for the future

Nanotechnology development in the UK is at a critical phase. The Chairman of the Institute's Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Group takes a look at the industry and its goals for the future.

Notable niobium - The Araxá niobium mine

Michael Forrest visited the Araxá niobium mine in Brazil to learn about the metal's production. Current production capacity is around 80,000t. Of this, 70,000t is of standard grade ferro-niobium, 4,000t is of high purity oxide, 3,000t of vacuum grade ferro-niobium or nickel niobium, 300t of optical grade oxide and 210t of pure niobium.

Small margin for error - Measuring and testing materials at the nanoscale

Nanotechnology, thin films and coatings are becoming increasingly evident and finding function in many industrial applications. To simulate the service life of a particular system and improve efficiency, it is important to characterise the material’s properties.

Right place right time - Nanomaterials for drug-loaded carriers

Sophisticated technologies are used to discover new drugs, which result in a broad variety of active compounds with high specificity and potency. These drugs need to reach the right place (cell or tissue) in the body, in an adequate concentration and for a specific time period, to have the desired therapeutic effect.