in-house training

Training investment boost

A significant financial injection into training for small and medium sized businesses is expected to help the clay industry as the UK and world economy slows down.
The carbon circle – carbon dioxide is reabsorbed to create new biomass through photosynthesis

Burning the alternatives - different fuels for firing

By changing the fuels in kilns that fire heavy clay products, companies can reduce costs and benefit the environment. Gas, liquid petroleum gas, heavy oil and coal could, in part, or totally, be replaced by biomass and petrol coke.

Digital oil fields - Ideas for the industry

A technology response to ‘low’ oil prices is presented. The future role of large corporations is discussed.

Resource nationalism - Issues affecting companies operating abroad

Robert Amsterdam, Principal Lawyer at Amsterdam & Peroff, London, UK, discusses the dangers facing companies operating overseas. Advice is offered for successful operations.

Keep on learning - CPD

Continuous professional development is not just a requirement for professional qualifications, it can also increase company productivity and benefit your career. The Open University and Smithers Rapra are examples of organisations offering relevant training.