A very green strategy - Sustainable packaging

Greenshare is a system that is designed to collect, analyse and control environmental outputs relating to packaging in order to build a sustainable economic, environmental and resource management strategy, and to measure this information against environmental legislation if and when it is enforced.
Bottles of Aroma water: Pure water using a cap as the flavour system

Treat the senses - advances in sensory branding

The packaging industry needs to strike a balance between using the latest sensory branding innovations that identify an aroma with a memory and a product preference, and caution about costly improvements and potential market re-launches.
Retail display packaging

Sunny perspective - Innovative display packaging designs

Mailway Packaging Solutions and Field Group see the use of SunPaq display packaging designs as an innovative solution to the conflicting agendas of extracting maximum market value from the brand, delivering good product condition and reducing waste.
lenticular printed products

Spectacular lenticular - Commercial applications of lenticular printing

Reflex Printed Plastics is launching a pack to showcase the lenticular printing technique. Used as promotional messages, lenticular printed images result in significantly higher recall rates than conventional prints.