Back to nature – Biomimetics inspire ecological materials

Self organisation and self-assembling features of natural structures can be a source of inspiration for reducing the carbon footprint of future sustainable technological materials.

One small step for titanium - applications for silicon carbide fibre reinforced titanium composites

Manufacturing company TISCIS explores the high compressive strength and corrosion resistance of titanium composites used in the production of parts for the European aerospace industry.

Scotland's new start - Future aims of the Mining Institute of Scotland

An overview of the history and future aims of the Mining Institute of Scotland Ltd, in the amalgamation of similar professional bodies is outlined by Board Member Richard Crockett.

Flying high - Nadcap composites accreditation programme

The Nadcap composites accreditation programme is designed to provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries by using a process of specific job audits to gain from global industry knowledge.

Holding its own - Invention and commercialisation of self-reinforced polymer composites

Self-reinforced polymer composites offer lightweight, impact resistant and recyclable materials.