Half a century for MinSouth – Minsouth’s fifty years anniversary programme

Michael Forrest, President elect of the London and Southern Counties Minerals Industries Institute (MinSouth), UK, looks at the programme for the coming year and the society's fiftieth anniversary.

Can we fix it? - self-healing matrix resins enhance structural health of composite materials

Self-healing matrix resins can enhance the structural health of composites. Researchers are developing a feedback loop for self repair.

Firing on all cylinders - carbon nanotube-based composites

Researchers are examining the outstanding physical properties, in terms of strength, elastic stiffness and thermal and electrical conductive applications of carbon nanotube composites.

Holding its own - Invention and commercialisation of self-reinforced polymer composites

Self-reinforced polymer composites offer lightweight, impact resistant and recyclable materials.

Flying high - Nadcap composites accreditation programme

The Nadcap composites accreditation programme is designed to provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries by using a process of specific job audits to gain from global industry knowledge.